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  • Cylinder Head Repair and Remanufacturing
  • Automotive, Heavy Duty, Industrial Power, and CNG cylinder heads
  • Huge Cylinder Head Selection in stock
  • Superior Quality
  • ISO 9001:2009 Certified
  • Great Prices
  • Custom Machining Available
  • Heavy Duty Cylinder Head Repair
  • Industrial Power Cylinder Head Repair
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinder heads
  • 6 Point view of our cylinder heads
  • Made in the USA

American Cylinder Head Info

Address:    499 Lesser Street Oakland CA 94601

Hours of operation:
Mon-Fri    7:00am - 4:30pm

Phone:   (800) 356-4889
Fax:         (510) 536-6620
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Why Us?

  • We have new and rebuilt cylinder heads in stock, ready to ship.
  • Fast Service, we process your order as soon as you submit it.
  • Superior quality. American Cylinder Head adheres to very precise international standards; we
    are ISO 9001:2009 certified.
  • We do NOT outsource our work, everything is done in our shop here in California, USA.
  • We have the capability to refurbish Heavy Duty and Industrial Power Cylinder Heads!
  • We offer custom machining of your cylinder head.
  • Bulk orders are available on request.

American Cylinder Head is the ONLY cylinder head remanufacturer in the United States to be an ISO 9001-2009 compliant remanufacturing facility.
To be ISO compliant, we endured a rigorous certification program with its main emphasis on quality control. By being an ISO 9001:2009 compliant, American Cylinder Head demonstrates a commitment to quality, a dedication for continuous improvement, and a conscientious concern for customer satisfaction.
So what does American Cylinder Head's ISO 9001:2009 compliance mean to you?
ISO 9001:2009 means that you, as a consumer, can expect quality service from the moment the order is taken until the order is shipped. Being ISO 9001:2009 complaint assures American Cylinder Heads customers that knowledgeable and trained personnel are at their disposal.

Featured Cylinder Heads

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Engine Make: Cadillac Engine Family: N/A [?] Engine Type: DOHC Number of Valves: N/A [?]
Years: 1993-2008 Casting Number: 402 Cylinders & Configuration: L4
Liter: 4.6 Engine Side: Left Material: N/A [?] Fuel Type: N/A [?]
Special Info: NORTHSTAR
ACH Part Number: AC342C3
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Engine Make: Mazda Engine Family: N/A [?] Engine Type: DOHC Number of Valves: 24
Years: 1990-2008 Casting Number: JE48 Cylinders & Configuration: V6
Liter: 3 Engine Side: Right Material: Aluminum Fuel Type: Gas
Special Info: 929
ACH Part Number: AC317C
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Engine Make: Ford Engine Family: N/A [?] Engine Type: DOHC Number of Valves: N/A [?]
Years: 2000-2006 Casting Number: N/A [?] Cylinders & Configuration: V6
Liter: 3.9 Engine Side: NA Material: N/A [?] Fuel Type: Gas
Special Info:
ACH Part Number: AC139C9
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Engine Make: Honda Engine Family: N/A [?] Engine Type: SOHC Number of Valves: N/A [?]
Years: 1983-1987 Casting Number: PD6 Cylinders & Configuration: L4
Liter: 1.8 Engine Side: NA Material: N/A [?] Fuel Type: Gas
Special Info: 2 INT / 1 EX
ACH Part Number: AC216C2
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