What is a remanufactured cylinder head?

A remanufactured cylinder head is a cylinder head that has been rebuilt with parts that are still serviceable. Some heads have been welded or repaired. Our cylinder heads are serviced to meet or exceed original part standards.
All heads are pressure tested to assure a leak-free casting. New valve seats have been installed when needed and valves and springs are replaced. Cylinder heads are painted, resurfaced, and reassembled.

ALL AMERICAN CYLINDER HEAD PRODUCTS meet or exceed factory specifications. You are assured that when you order an American Cylinder Head, you receive the highest quality remanufactured cylinder head available in the marketplace.

What are the advantages of purchasing a remanufactured cylinder head over a new cylinder head?

Most cylinder heads are salvageable and comparatively inexpensive to repair. A remanufactured cylinder head often costs less than half the price of a new one.

Accepted Payment Methods

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All sales are considered final; any returns are subject to a 20% re-stocking charge.


Our cylinder heads come with a great warranty of 12 month or 12,000 miles , whichever comes first.Warranty does not cover:

  • Incorrect Installation.
  • Incorrect operation, this includes neglect, abuse, and overheating.
  • Repairs without our authorization will void any warranty.
  • We will not be responsible for towing, rentals or diagnosis charges.

Locating Casting Numbers

Casting numbers are essential to identifying and ordering the correct part number.

Late models casting numbers begin with RF and are stamped on the exhaust side.The casting number will include a letter and number combination. Some casting numbers
are located by the spark plugs.

Has 6 to 9 digit numbers. Most truck casting numbers are located on the spring side of the cylinder head. On cars, the casting number is located by the exhaust side of the cylinder head. On a Chevy Aveo, the casting number is on the end of the head, we need the last 3 digits of the casting number on all GM cylinder heads. Honda � Usually 3 to 4 letter and number combination that are stamped on the exhaust side of the cylinder head.

Stamped on the front of the head. Always include the letters at the end of the casting number. On the Dodge cast iron heads, the casting numbers are stamped on the valve side.

Stamped on the end of the head.

Stamped on the exhaust side it has a 3 digit letter and number combination.

Some cylinder heads have 4 digits number and letter combination while some cylinder heads do not have any casting number. The casting numbers are stamped
on the exhaust side.

Stamped on the front of head.

Has a 4 digit letter and number combination and is stamped on the exhaust side.

Stamped on the intake side, it will be a long casting number. The last 3 digits are needed.

Stamped on the intake side, they are numbers.

Right and Left side Terminology

Some V-6 and V-8 engines have cylinder heads that are interchangeable for the left and right sides. However, many V-6 and V-8 engines have cylinder heads that must be installed on a specific side of the engine.

ACH labels heads that must be used on a specific side of the engine as L (left) and R (Right). On a standard in-line engine, the side is determined by sitting behind the steering wheel. The left side head is on the drivers left and the right side is on the drivers right.

For a transverse engine, the side is determined by standing behind the engine. The right side head is next to the firewall. The left side head is by the radiator.

VIN Numbers

Identify your required cylinder head using your cars vin number. Some cylinder heads can be identified by using parts from the vin number. Unfortunately this is not a norm and we recommend using other information like the casting number or engine family to identify the required cylinder head. The best way to go is to complete a search using your cars vin number and see if a correct cylinder head is found. If no product is found search for a cylinder head without using the vin number.

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Engine Type - DOHC / SOHC

DOHC stands for Dual Overhead Camshaft.
SOHC stands for Single Overhead Camshaft.

Special Info

This is a very important!
There is such wide variety of cylinder heads yet some differ only though an extra hole for mounting something like an distributor.
The special info section includes any other information that is important to identify the exact cylinder head that you require for your project. Important cylinder head specs like VTECH, EGR hole or Distributor holes are listed here. Be sure to check your cylinder head against these extra specs; this will greatly reduce the risk or miss orders. If you are not sure please feel free to fill our
product inquiry form or call us and we will help find the correct head.

What does N/A stand for?

N/A stands for Not Acquired or Not Applicable

The specific data might not be applicable, for instance an engine might not have a left and right side only a single head. This will be designated as N/A since it doesn�t apply to the current cylinder head.

N/A might also stand in place for data that we currently do not know or have not yet entered into our online database. We are working on getting all our cylinder heads (1,200+) online with as much detail as possible.

Car Type? - Car,Truck or SUV?

Why does this matter?

Sometimes car manufactures use engines in cars and trucks with the same identifications but different specs. This can lead to confusion and miss orders; to reduce this risk we advice our customers to know this information. There are only two distinctions in this category, either the cylinder head is for a car or for a truck.

What are some of the steps involved in the remanufacturing process of cylinder heads?

  • Soap Cleaning
  • – Soak / Bake @ 180 ºF to 190 ºF
    – Time: Until surface is dissolved
    – Environmental Impact: NONE, solution breaks down the oil making it Soluble, Skim system removes floating waste.

  • Inspection
  • – Visual (VT) and Magnetic Particle (MT) Inspection for In-service cracks
    – Acceptable Heads are forwarded to production operations.
    – Rejected heads are evaluated as:
    + Plug Repair
    + Repair Weld
    + Scraped

  • Guide/Seats & Bolts/Holes
  • – Guide & Seats – Visual Inspection
    – Hole Threads – Visual Inspection
    – Broken Bolt Removal

  • Steam Cleaning Area
    • Steam Clean Type (Citrus Soap Solution)
    • Environmental Impact – None
    • Cleaning Process: “Recaptured Closed System”
      • Solution breaks down oil, making it almost 100% Soluble.
      • Residue is captured in the Recovery System, skimmed off, and put in the Direct Flame furnace.
      • Residue amount averages 32 oz per month.
  • Surface Grind
  • – Verify cylinder head height is within factory specifications
    – Heads are surfaced to required RA finish

  • Assembly
  • Assemble cylinder heads with valves, springs and all necessary components, including camshafts, if needed.
    Final visual inspection of bolt holes, threads, cylinder head surface and ports. The heads are then packaged in clear plastic and a green acceptance sticker is attached to the label with the barcode. Cylinder heads are either put in stock or immediately shipped.


Air Induction Reactor (Emission)
Bolt Down Rocker Assembly
Cubic Centimeters
Cubic inch displacement
Central Fuel Injection
Casting Number
Dual Overhead Cam
Electrical Fuel Injection
Electronic Fuel Pump
Fuel Injected
Front Wheel Drive
Heavy Duty Sodium Valve
High Output
High Swirl Combustion
Hydraulic Lifters
Large Valve
Multiport Fuel Injection
Mechanical Fuel Pump
Overhead Cam
Overhead Valve
Pushrod Hole
Rear Wheel Drive
Single Overhead Cam
Small Valve
Throttle Body Injection
Temperature Sending Hole
Vehicle Identification Number (Vin Number)
Jet Valve
One (Two) Barrel Carburetor
Valves and Springs